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Commercial Recycling Collection

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  • 25-10-2019
Commercial Recycling Collection

The amount of waste from homes and companies is overwhelming. If you stay in a location where collectors often come and take your garbage away,  ever wondered where it all goes to? Well, most of it usually ends up in dump sites where it is burnt. However, not every material burns, making the amount of waste reaching landfill quite alarming.

office worker recycling plastic bottle

Anyone willing to offer a better alternative, such as recycling waste materials, would not only earn themselves handsome profits but also go a long way in helping matters. This is especially applicable to commercial waste recycling. It is reported that 95% of small businesses would recycle more if they had better access to facilities. 

What is Commercial Waste Recycling?

Commercial waste recycling is the process of recycling scrap materials from businesses and industries. Unlike commercial collection, which involves collection, recycling and sorting of household waste, commercial waste recycling solely focuses on useful waste from businesses and industries. This does not include agricultural waste products, chemicals or any other hazardous waste.

Do You require commercial waste collection?

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Recycling Ideas

Pre- Consumer Paper
A factory which manufactures paper often has lots of waste from materials that do not match the quality of already produced rolls. When millions of paper are cut to suit specific dimensions, they add up to tons of waste.

Metal Products
Metal waste is lesser common compared to paper, but fetch a much higher price in the market when recovered. It is easier to get scrap materials from steel, aluminium and copper since they are among the most commonly used metals.

Packaging Materials
Companies and businesses that handle packaged goods usually have a hard time disposing of related waste materials. Such as cardboards, plastics and wood packaging materials.

Construction Waste
It is a requirement by law to dispose of waste after construction activities are done responsibly. Since burning construction waste can be toxic due to the combination of several compounds, most construction managers opt to look for a convenient location and dump their waste. Owing to the amount of waste involved, this costs both time and money. Reclaimed wood, concrete and bricks have a ready market in the construction industry.

stacks of paper recycling

Recycling commercial waste is a win-win situation for all parties involves. Businesses and industries would be able to dispose of their waste in a safer manner whereas recycling managers get to enjoy double profits from charging business owners and also reselling reclaimed materials. If properly utilised, recycled materials can be used to make consumer-friendly products such as cars, electronics and household goods.