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How Does Grab Hire Work

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  • 16-06-2020
How Does Grab Hire Work

How Does Grab Hire Work?

An unavoidable by-product of any construction job is the amount of rubbish and waste your project will produce. Grab lorry hire is a speedy and efficient process that can load and remove waste, concrete, aggregate and debris in one go because it's mobile. If you're working on a more significant project that requires aggregates to be delivered as well, a grab lorry can first transport the aggregates you need to the site, deposit them, and then remove the unwanted waste. 

Residential or Business Services

Usually, a grab lorry is hired by commercial clients for large industrial and building jobs. However, if you're refurbishing sections of your house or extending it in any way, grab hire service could still be a very viable option. Unlike a skip hire, there is very little manual labour involved in the actual waste removal process if you hire a grab lorry. If you decide to hire a grab lorry, you will find that your construction site is cleared more efficiently and quicker than doing all the manual work by filling a skip. All your excess aggregate will be collected by the bucket operated by the hydraulic arm of the grab lorry.

An Easy Grab Process

All that is required is that you put the rubbish into the grab bags provided or pile the rubbish neatly ready for the grab lorry to turn up.

 The Grab Lorry can park at the side of the road and collect the waste; this usually takes about 20 minutes, so there is no need to apply for a parking permit.

The Grab Lorry then removes your waste under government guidelines and restrictions.

What is a Grab Wagon?

A grab lorry is a self-loading machine that uses a hydraulic arm and bucket to collect copious amounts of waste, placing it in the load bed of the vehicle, ready to be transported away from your site. They are specifically designed with accessibility in mind.

There are some benefits to keep in mind when hiring a Grab Wagon:

The amount of waste it can hold. A standard grab lorry can fit over twice the volume of waste as two skips.

A grab lorry is also convenient; it can travel to your site directly at a time to suit you. It will collect and safely transport the waste with minimal disruption.

The truck has a qualified driver who will take full responsibility for loading and removing your waste.

The fact that it has a hydraulic arm is one of the grab lorries most significant benefits, and this sets it above any other waste removal method. It will quite literally grab the waste you want to be removed instead of having you shovel everything into the container. By having the introduction of a hydraulic grabber, it has revolutionised heavy waste removal.

Many areasthat were once inaccessible are now easily reached, allowing quick collection and removal of all the waste on your site. Grab lorries can carry a wide range of materials - from concrete, soil, muck away to general rubbish. But these trucks don't stop at waste removal.

Other Services We Accomodate

If you are planning on redesigning your drive and require a large amount of gravel, instead of trying to transport bag after bag in your car, a grab lorry can deliver the exact amount. If you know that your site or garden is difficult to access due to high fences, trees or walls, no need to worry these agile lorries can quickly drive up to your fence, reach over it with the grabber, and drop off the number of materials you require. The same feature applies if the grab lorry is collecting garden waste or aggregates from your site to dispose of efficiently.

How much can a Grab Lorry take?

Grab lorries usually weigh around 16 tonnes empty, the maximum authorised mass of these lorries as 32 tonnes. That means they can carry 16 tonnes of waste. In terms of volume, this is between 12 and 15 cubic metres, depending on the type of material. 

Depending on the size of your project, for larger, heavier loads, then your best option is the 8-wheel grab truck. It is the largest version and has some fantastic features to go with it. Or perhaps your project is smaller, and you would be better suited to the 4-wheel grab truck, it can only carry 10 tonnes of material however it's hydraulic arm can reach just as far as the enormous grab lorry. 

Don't worry though because what it loses in weight and capacity, it gains in agility, making the 4-wheel grab truck perfect for smaller DIY home projects and smaller work sites. You must bear in mind that the vehicles are designed only to carry large volumes of material and cannot cater to everything.

Is a Grab Lorry cheaper than a Skip?

At Ward Bros. (Plant Hire) Ltd, we understand that most project will have a strict budget that they need to work to; therefore, cost efficiency is essential. On average, a pick up by a grab lorry takes a total of 20 minutes; a significant difference to the days it takes to manoeuvre a skip. 

With no need to organise a permit and at cheaper rates than a skip, grab hire lorries are the most cost-effective and efficient solution. A grab lorry will work out less expensive than the cost of 2 skips. Hiring a skip will also take a lot more work by yourself or your workers. It will also take longer to fill, so a skip is not always as cost-effective as you might think.

Avoid the Manual Labour

A few minutes of manual labour may not be an issue for smaller projects. But for larger projects, you don't want to spend hours shovelling dirt into a skip, your time is valuable, and you will have better things to do with it. The grab's arm can do all these for you so that you can spend your time on things that matter.

If you can find a suitable place to put your waste while working, a grab truck can come and quickly collect it whenever you like. Building sites, demolitions, and other commercial projects produce a lot of waste. The amount of debris, rubble, concrete or aggregate may require two or more trucks - or six skips for clearance of your site. 

Avoiding a Skip Permit

If you hire a skip a permit is usually required so you can keep it on the skip on the road, this can have varying approval times. There is also a cost involved for a permit. Rather than keeping them on the road, a skip is better suited to locations where there is plenty of space to store them on-site.

The permit ensures the skip won't be in the way of traffic and won't cause any disruption. Having your permit request declined, however, can be problematic for your waste removal. Therefore, we can offer our services to avoid yourself getting rejected for a skip permit.

If you require grab hire services in Durham and the surrounding areas, contact our plant hire team.