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Best Mini Skip Prices

We offer the best mini skip prices in Durham. Our mini skips are perfect for site clearance, DIY projects or domestic waste.

Skip sizes are measure in cubic yards. As a reference, one cubic yard (91cm x 91cm x 91cm) is roughly the size of two domestic washing machines or one white domestic fridge freezer. They are available in a large range of sizes which are suitable for different situations. 

By choosing the most suitable sized skip, it helps to ensure that your project is flowing smoothly by minimising any risk of delays. A skip size too small means that you will have leftover waste which may require another skip. If you hire a skip that is too large, it incurs extra cost which could have been avoided, including any extra time and money spent on road permits. 

 A mini skip is usually the smallest size available. Their compact size of 3 cubic yards is perfect for when you only have a small amount of waste, or when you only have restricted locations to place a skip. They are usually the cheapest and most efficient waste removal solution.

Uses: A smaller skip is ideal for small amounts of waste, such as garden clean ups or decluttering a room. They're also commonly used in kitchen and bathroom re-fits. Their convenient size means that they won't require an additional road permit, as most will fit on a standard driveway. They are available to hire for domestic and small commerical projects.
Dimensions: 6ft (1.82m) Long x 4ft (1.22m) Wide x 3ft (0.91m) High
Size: Approximately 30 Black Bin Bags

Why use a mini skip?

Environmentally Friendly – Statistically, Mini skips are amongst the most environmentally friendly waste disposal solutions. We are proud to recycle over 90% of the waste we collect. In most cases, up to 100% of the waste can be re-used in some way and none is sent to the landfill. Mini skip hire is also efficient because any construction materials, such as metal or brick, can be reclaimd and sold to recover some of the costs.

Cheap Prices – Generally, mini skips are cheaper to hire than large skip. They are well known for being a cost effective solution, especially for domestic projects. They are delivered on smalle vehicles and the loading/unloading process is more straightforward than larger skips.

Minimum Space Required – As the name suggests, the mini skip is the smallest skip available. Their size is an advantage when space and/or access is restricted. If a skip is placed on your own property, such as a driveway or in your garden, you don't have to pay an additional road permit. This can help reduce the cost of the overall project.

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